Here’s the recipe for a memorable wine experience: to one lovely venue/location (this can be anything really, from a picnic blanket on sunny day with a fabulous view to a nice restaurant or even your own kitchen) add some good food (again, the options here are virtually limitless, just make it tasty), some lovely wine (suited to aforementioned food) and stir together with liberal helpings of good humour and witty stories.  Guaranteed good times.

Welcome to the stage Bernard Repolt of Remoissenet Père et Fils.  We met Bernard at a Burgundy dinner at Ox restaurant in Belfast where he followed the formula to perfection.  We had a glass of his white Rully 2010 with a scallop and cured salmon starter – a delicious match.  The Rully was lovely, white Burgundy as it should be.  It was round and satisfying with a subtle richness that matched the scallop and salmon perfectly.  Later on, we had a red Givry with sea trout.  The Givry was lovely and fresh and bright with ripe red fruit and a hint of chocolate.  At the end of the meal, Bernard pulled out a magnum of 1978 Beaune Rouge – the pièce de résistance!  It was amazingly fresh and vibrant and a real treat to try something so mature.  Bernard was serving the wine himself, charming everyone present with his wit and somewhat irreverent sense of humour.  Result? A room full of happy people who won’t forget him in a hurry.

The next day, Bernard and his charming wife Céline came to Crossgar to taste more of the wines with us and tell us about what Remoissenet is all about.  Bernard is an ex-president of Louis Jadot where he worked with his wife.  He told us that she fired him so he got the job with Remoissenet (not many of his witty stories are printable).  It’s an old domaine but after M. Remoissenet retired, it was sold and given something of a facelift.  Bernard plays a pivotal role in the revitalisation of the business; he oversees the winemaking and all the business processes.  He’s also in charge of their incredible cellar of older wines which is really unique and very exciting.  Very few people have access to such a rich resource and he plans on releasing them in small quantities over time.

The wines are really tasty and have that drinkability factor that sometimes eludes even very well made wines.  The reds are picked late to ensure the grapes are totally ripe and there are no green or bitter flavours in the wine.  The JN selection of Remoissenet reds includes:

Remoissenet Santenay Grand Clos Rousseau 2010

Remoissenet Givry Rouge 'Roi Henri' 2011

Remoissenet Gevrey Chambertin 2010

Remoissenet Santenay Gr Clos Rousseau 10Remoissenet Givry Rouge 'Roi Henri' 2011Remoissenet Gevrey Chambertin 2010

The whites all have a freshness and elegance about them – they’re subtle with very little oak flavour but they have lovely texture and ripe stone fruit flavour.  Some are showing signs of maturity with complex, earthy notes.  The JN selection of Remoissenet whites includes:

Remoissenet Givry Blanc 2010

Remoissenet Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume 2010

Remoissenet Rully Blanc 2010

Remoissenet Saint Romain Blanc 2009

Remoissenet Chass. Montrachet Vergers 2010

Remoissenet Givry Blanc 2010Remoissenet Chablis 1ercru Fourchaume 10Remoissenet Rully Blanc 2010Remoissenet Saint Romain Blanc 2009Remoissenet Chass. Montrachet Vergers 10

These are fantastic food wines so we suggest you get a bottle or two in and invite some of the people you love round for dinner.  Because that, let’s face it, is what it’s all about.