With the Nimbus range, Casablanca winemaker Ximena Pacheco is exploring how different sites are particularly well suited to different grape varieties.  The whole appellation system in Europe is based on this very concept – Sauvignon Blanc thrives in a cool climate, but from the very particular soil and climate of Pouilly Fume you get a style and flavour that is unique and sought after.  It's the same idea with St Emilion, Rioja, Barolo and Meursault.

In the lower slopes of the Valle de Casablanca (80kms northeast of Santiago), foggy mornings give way to clear afternoons and the area is strongly influenced by cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean.  The lower slopes are much cooler than the upper parts of the valley and suited to white grapes and lighter red grapes. The fruit from these lower slopes is ripe but fresh with intensity of flavour and aromas.  

From these lower slopes we have Nimbus Sauvignon Blanc and Nimbus Chardonnay.

Nimbus Sauvignon:
The fruit is all picked by hand and sorted in the vineyards so only the best fruit is used to make the wine.  Fermented in stainless steel to retain freshness and aromatics, then bottled and shipped to our shores.  This is a typically fresh and aromatic cool climate Sauvignon with lemon and apple flavours and hints of thyme.  Delicious with oysters, shellfish and sushi.

Casablanca Nimbus Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Nimbus Chardonnay
The fruit is harvested by hand and meticulously sorted in the vineyard and again in the cellar to guarantee quality.  Some of the wine is fermented in stainless steel and some in barrels to give complexity.  The wines are then blended and bottled.  The resulting wine is very delicately oaked, complementing the ripe fruit and floral notes of the wine.  Goes particularly well with garlic prawns or smoked salmon.

Maipo Valley is nestled between 2 mountain ranges – the Andes to the east and the Coastal Range to the west and it is here that the city of Santiago itself is situated.  The mountains protect the valley from the ocean breezes so it is warmer and dry with mild winters.  In other words, this is perfect Cabernet Sauvignon territory and it is no coincidence that it is also known as Cabernet Sauvignon Valley.

Casablanca Nimbus Chardonnay 10 Pk6

Nimbus Cabernet Sauvignon
Again the fruit is hand picked and rigorously selected for quality.  The wine is fermented in stainless steel and then transferred to oak barrels for 12 months ageing.  The resulting wine has depth and concentration and longevity.  This is a very smooth, silky wine with flavours of cassis, dark chocolate, currants and cedar.  Particularly delicious with venison.

Valle de Colchagua (150km south of Santiago) is the southernmost area for winegrowing in Chile.  Again, the refreshing breezes coming in from the Pacific bring the temperatures down in the evenings.  The summer days are hot, and the coastal winds bring the temperatures down significantly at night which actually slows down the ripening of the grapes and stops them from getting too ripe to quickly.  This effectively elongates the growing season resulting in well balanced, concentrated, flavoursome red wines.

Casablanca Nimbus Cab Sauvignon 2009

Nimbus Merlot:
Only the best hand harvested fruit makes it into this wine which is fermented in stainless steel and then matured for 12 months in new French oak barrels.  It is a very concentrated wine with aromas of violets and blueberries and flavours of ripe black berries.  It is smooth and velvety and best enjoyed with boeuf bourgignon or Sunday roast.

Casablanca Nimbus Merlot 09