When it comes to choosing red wines for summer drinking it helps to consider what the wine is for, i.e. who will be drinking it and when and with what.  Not wishing to overcomplicate the situation (at the end of the day we are of course talking about having something to drink, not brain surgery) but having a glass of wine should surely be as pleasurable an experience as possible. 


We may think of white wines being more appropriate for summer but let’s face it; our climate doesn’t exactly require serious effort to remain sufficiently cool and hydrated!  Depending on your taste and the occasion, different styles of red wines may be more enjoyable.


Soft and fruity reds (available as 6 or 12) are not necessarily light in flavour, but they have a soft and relatively delicate texture.  These wines are great for picnics and summer parties and because they are lighter they are great for drinking on their own, without food, or on long afternoons in the sun (or rain, who cares?!).  The softness comes from the actual grapes themselves, some grape varieties have thinner skins and more pulp so they make softer, juicier wines.  These particular wines are also made to be enjoyable when young so they don’t need to age and they suit their upfront fruity character.  These are probably the most friendly and easy going red wines available. 


In contrast, rich reds (available as 6 or 12) can certainly be very smooth and fruity but they have a stronger taste, they are more concentrated and dense and they have more tannin and acidity and may age for longer.  Tannins give wine structure and leave that drying sensation on your gums and the insides of your cheeks, much like very strong tea does.  Tannins actually help to break down the protein in food so wines with stronger tannins go well with meaty dishes.  The wines in these cases have stronger, more robust flavours and go really well with meats in all kinds of sauces from chillies to barbecue sauces and relishes - brilliant with all that charred meat we’re grilling up on the barbecue at this time of year.

We also have a mixed case of every style – light whites, sumptuous whites, soft and fruity reds and rich reds for anyone interested in exploring the different styles of wine available.  When the case is finished you can always come and talk to us about the wines you’ve enjoyed and we would be delighted to help you find some more bottles to suit you.