Congratulations to Kilikanoon on being named James Halliday’s Australian winery of the year 2013.  James Halliday is author of the Australian Wine Companion and is a well respected writer, author, judge, ex-winemaker and general promoter of Australian wines.  We’re long term fans of these fabulous wines too so to celebrate their success we’re offering 12.5% discount on all Kilikanoon wines until the end of August – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


Kilikanoon are based in South Australia; they have vineyards in the Barossa and Clare Valleys and the quality of the wines is truly exceptional.


Many of you may be familiar with their ‘Lackey’ Shiraz, which they describe as their workhorse wine.  The distinctive label with a humble pair of workboots on the label belies the quality of the liquid inside the bottle – this stuff is head and shoulders above any mass produced syrupy Shiraz currently flooding the market.


At the other end of the scale, they make a range of small quantity, superb quality premium wines from their best vineyard sites: M Shiraz from McLaren Vale; Green’s Vineyard Shiraz  and R Reserve Shiraz from Barossa; and Oracle and Covenant from Clare.  Each of these wines is exceptional, delicious and speaks of where it comes from, exactly as great wine should.


Kilikanoon is firmly rooted in the traditions of South Australia which is why you’ll find some of the regions classic wines in their portfolio.  The Medley is a Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvèdre blend inspired by the wines of the Southern Rhône.  We sampled the 2005 vintage at our Merchant tasting last November and it was definitely one of the stars of the show.  The Killermans’ Run Shiraz is a blend of grapes from Barossa and Clare and is a perennial JN favourite. 

It’s not all reds at Kilikanoon either.  They do a lovely Clare Valley Riesling which is utterly delicious in the sunshine.  It’s called Mort’s Block after founder and chief winemaker Kevin Mitchell’s father, Mort.  Their barrel fermented Semillon is also worth investigating, Semillon is a sadly underrated variety but it ages brilliantly and when young has a distinctly Sauvignon Blanc freshness but with much more body and complexity.

Cheers to all the team at Kilikanoon - we salute you!