The Rugby World Cup will soon be over and at JN Wine we cannot wait or that final match.  To add even more enjoyment to the game we have put together a case to celebrate the best of rugby with the best of wine. It is no coincidence that the best wine making countries produces the best rugby in the world. 

Wine and rugby have a lot of similarities. 

It takes years to reach perfection

Only the peak performers are picked 

All components have to work in harmony and balance to produce the best

A lot of hard work goes into producing the best results

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes 

The rest of the world is in awe of those who excel

The correct structure and balance is essential

Skills are always changing and adapting The case is a mix of wines from New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, South Africa, Argentina, USA and England. 

Once you find one you love and admire you are hooked

Rugby World Cup of Wine

Case Price: £142.50 / €170.00

This case is a mix of wines from New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, South Africa, Argentina, USA and England. So why not raise a glass and cheer on the Rugby World Cup with JN wine and the wines of the Rugby World.

Australia:  The Lackey ShirazPikes Hills and Valley Riesling

Pikes Hills & Valley'S Riesling 2014Kilikanoon Lackey Shiraz 2012

Argentina:  Sophenia Reserve Malbec

Finca Sophenia Reserve Malbec 2013

England:  Gusbourne Pinot Noir

Gusbourne Pinot Noir 2011 Pk6

USA: Cline Estate Merlot

Italy: Busso Dolcetta D’Alba / Sartarelli Classico

Busso Dolcetto D'Alba D.O.C. 2012Sartarelli Verdicchio Classico 2014

France: Modat De Ci De La / Ch Macquin

Dom Modat De Ci De La Blanc 2014 6pkChateau Macquin 2012 Pk6

New Zealand: Dog Point Sauvignon

Dog Point Sauvignon 2014

South Africa: Rustenberg Cabernet SauvignonReyneke Vine Hugger Chardonnay

Rustenberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Pk6Reyneke Vine Hugger Chardonnay 2014


*Wines vary - please see regional listing for details.

The selection of wines from the Rugby World Cup case shall be open for tasting in Crossgar on Saturday the 31st of October. Pop in and give them a try!