All of us at JN Wine are as passionate and enthusiastic about wine as James himself. Put simply, we love wine and each of us in the shop has selected just one of our favourites to make up this brilliant case. With so much to choose from, it was a near impossible task, but this is what we came up with and we hope you enjoy them as us!


Andy - Domaine Jean-Michel Gerin La Champine Viognier 2015 75cl, France

I love to find hidden gems and La Champine from Jean-Michel Gerin, made from fruit sourced from areas surrounding the legendary Condrieu, is a stunning Viognier. Rich and elegant with great complexity on the nose and palate, this is a real sensory treat.

Maria-Elena - Dehesa La Granja Cosecha 2008 75cl, Spain

Produced by one of Spain’s most celebrated winemakers, Alejandro Fernandez, this wine is made using old-vine Tempranillo grapes grown in the Castilla y León region. Intense, ripe, plummy fruit, with a savoury, slightly smoky finish, this wine is only released when deemed in perfect condition for drinking – good things come to those who wait.

Laura - Domaine Modat Le Petit Mod'Amour 2015 75cl, France

Unusually dominated by Carignan, I can’t stop recommending this wine. Soft and fruity with an underlying power, the  “Little Word of Love” will genuinely seduce you. Great with charcuterie and strong cheeses.

Stephen - Domaine Octavie Sauvignon Blanc 2014, France

The Roubally family who produce the Octavie have a genuine respect for winemaking traditions. Their dedication to good husbandry and avoidance of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides brings out a superb, steely, fresh and aromatic Sauvignon. 

Seán - Zuani Vigne Collio Bianco 2015 75cl, Italy

The blend of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Friulano and Sauvignon Blanc intrigued me from the moment I spotted it. This rare blend produces a beautiful, wonderfully soft and elegant wine which highlights the best of Italian innovation.

Connor - Scriani Valpolicella Classico 2014 75cl, Italy

This dark, concentrated Valpolicella is surprisingly nimble and well balanced. Having tried a number of lighter, fresher Italian wines recently, this was a great alternative - a real, rich treat which doesn’t overwhelm.