Your wedding day – it’s the best and most stressful day of your life.  It can bring out the Bridezilla/Groom Kong in all of us if you let it!  Amongst all the dresses, suits, place settings and flowers to sort out two of the most important things to organise are food and drink.  Here at JN we offer a personalised wedding service to help you find the perfect wines for your big day. 

We are often asked - what is the best wine to drink at a wedding? The answer from most brides and mother of the brides is lots of Champagne (as the father of the bride looks on nervously!).  But what if, like most people, lots of Champagne isn’t in the budget? Most couples use fizz for the toast only, so calm down fathers of the bride; you shouldn’t need that much to see you through.  You should be able to fill 8-10 glasses with one bottle of your chosen sparkler (see dads, we’re saving you money). 

We offer lots of great alternatives to Champagne such as our ever popular JN Fizz or what about a great Prosecco? In my eyes it’s hard to beat our Prosecco Doc Spumante. It’s delicate but packed full of fresh fruit flavour.

JN Sparkling NV

J N Sparkling N V

£12.75 / €22.99


Prosecco Doc Spumante

Prosecco Doc Spumante Pk6

£10.50 / €19.99


When it comes to picking the wine that will be drank with the meal there are a few things to think about.  What food is the wine going to be paired with?  What wine do you like to drink?  Is there a wine that means something to you or your partner?   What wine would the majority of your guests like?  This can be tricky as it’s likely your guests will range from ages 18-80.  So to make this selection easier you can try before you buy as part of our wedding service.  This is a sit down consultation with one of our members of staff to discuss all you wedding wine needs.  We also offer free delivery and sale or return.

A few of our most popular white wedding wines:

Long Beach Chardonnay

Long Beach Chardonnay 2014

£7.95 / €11.99


Bellevue Sauvignon

Bellevue Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Pk6

£9.35 / €13.99


Dog Point Sauvignon

Dog Point Sauvignon 2014

£15.99 / €21.99


And our top red wedding wines:

Viña Bujanda Tinto

Vina Bujanda Joven 2013

£8.35 / €12.75


Secateurs Red

Secateurs Red Blend 2012 Pk6

£10.35 / €14.99


Coste Chaude Madrigal

Domaine Coste Chaude Madrigal 2012

£10.99 / €16.75 


During your wedding consultation at JN Wine we will help you narrow down your choices and help you decide how much wine you actually need.  Of course it all depends on number of guests, time of wedding and how long your shindig is going to last. Every couple and wedding is different so don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02844830091 or drop us an email to, we’re happy to help.