Finding a bottle of wine that you really like can feel like a bit of a lottery at times. There are so many countries, appellations, sub-regions, winemakers, grape varieties, vintages, brands and styles of wine available it’s sometimes hard to match what you’re looking for with the key words on the label that will point to what you want. It’s little wonder that people find something they like and stick to it – who needs to waste money on bottles of wine that might turn out to be not what you’re looking for at all?

So what do you do when you enjoy wine, but don’t have the time, money or inclination to attend endless tastings or study the subject (without studying for your WSET (Wine and Spirit Educational Trust) qualifications like we do, how are you supposed to know a Minervois from a Menetou Salon??) One way of making sense of the chaos is to think of wine in terms of style. A large proportion of wine can be broadly classified in terms of flavour profile or style. Once you identify the style you like, it’s just a matter of adding colour and detail with the more subtle differences between individual wines. It’s also really helpful when matching wine with food or finding wines to suit a particular occasion. We’ve created some mixed cases based on exactly this concept in the hope of smoothing the path to discovering new and interesting wines that suit your individual taste / mood or when buying gifts for someone else.

We have 4 styles of wine in these mixed cases. The first is light and fruity. These wines are not oaked, they are fruity, zesty and fresh rather than rich or creamy. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio would fit into this style category.

Light and Fruity Whites x6
Light and Fruity Whites x12

The second is Sumptuous Whites. These are different in that they are richer, opulent and weightier. If you love Chardonnay or a good glass of something full and flavoursome to go with food these wines should fit the bill.

Sumptuous Whites x6
Sumptuous Whites x12

The third selection is soft and fruity reds – brimming with plenty of ripe fruit and not too much tannin or weight. These can be enjoyed on their own, without food , and are very easy drinking and charming. If you like Pinot Noir or Chilean Merlot these could be just the thing for you.

Soft and Fruity Reds x 6
Soft and Fruity Reds x 12

Last but not least are our full bodied reds. These wines are rich and robust with big flavours and plenty of body. If you love Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon these wines are similar in style. If you are looking for wines to complement food these are very versatile and have plenty of flavour of their own so they don’t get overpowered by full flavoured food.

Full Bodied Reds x 6
Full Bodided Reds x 12

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