Chile – don’t tell me it isn’t one of those places you stare longingly at photographs of, dreaming of the day you can make a trip over to soak in their fabulous culture – not to mention the food & wine!

Unfortunately JN cant send you all there ( as much as I believe we would have a rockin’ time on a fabulous group holiday ) but we can help with the wine part of the equation! And with 15% off some of our favourite Chilean wines – there has never been a better time to embrace the taste of Chile.

Chile’s exclusive mix of climate & geography mean that it is an ideal location for some sensational wine growing. Surrounded by a desert, ocean, mountains & some ice fields, Mother Nature has provided Chile with a truly individual set of bonuses.  These natural barriers serve to protect the vineyards of Chile from a number of pests and diseases – most famously the terrible destruction caused by Phylloxera.

This means that Chile has become one of the world’s leaders in sustainable & organic viniculture. Warm, dry summers - paired with cool, wet winters provide the grapes with their favourite growing conditions. Whilst the striking difference in temperature from day to night, provide the grapes with the broad spectrum they need to reach their full potential. White grapes develop bright fresh fruit flavours, accompanied by crisp acidity, and the reds – ripe tannins, a deep colour & high levels of anti oxidants. 

Now – let me introduce you to the Viña Casablanca Cefiro range. Named after the greek god of the spring breeze, the constant presence of a cooling current shapes, structures and gives freshness to the wines.

Cefiro Merlot £8.85 Offer Price £7.52

Casablanca Cefiro Merlot 2012

Cefiro Sauvignon Blanc £8.95 Offer Price £7.61

Casablanca Cefiro Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Cefiro Cabernet Sauvignon £8.95 Offer Price £7.61

Casablanca Cefiro Cabernet 2011/2012


The second range of wines that we are celebrating this month is the Viña Casablanca Nimbus selection - named after the clouds that help to make the area so suitable for their bright yet elegant style of wine.

Nimbus Merlot £10.99 Offer Price £9.34

Casablanca Nimbus Merlot 09

Nimbus Cabernet Sauvignon £10.99 Offer Price £9.34

Casablanca Nimbus Cab Sauvignon 2009

Nimbus Sauvignon Blanc £10.75 Offer Price £9.14

Casablanca Nimbus Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Nimbus Chardonnay £10.99 Offer Price £9.34

Casablanca Nimbus Chardonnay 2011 Pk6

If you only try one new wine this month, I would strongly recommend one of Viña Casablanca’s Carmenères. A Chilean speciality, it is practically non-existent in the rest of the world. The Carmenère grape originated in the Médoc region of Bordeaux, France and was also widely planted in the Graves – when it was known as one of the 6 ‘noble’ grapes allowed in red Bordeaux.

However there are few Carmenère vines in France today as a Phylloxera plague in 1867 nearly destroyed all the vineyards of Europe, afflicting the Carmenère grapevines in particular. For many years the grape was presumed extinct. However, today it is Chile’s signature grape – with over 8,827 hectares dedicated to the grape.

Producing wines which are rich in blackberry fruit and a slight black pepper spice, with smooth, well-rounded tannins – Carmenère makes a tasty glass of wine, both alone, or as an accompaniment to your favourite meal. Personally, I would enjoy with a tapas type feast – Chilean Empanadas would be just perfect!

Nimbus Carmenère £10.99 Offer Price £9.34

Casablanca Nimbus Carmenere 2011

El Bosque Carmenère £9.99 Offer Price £8.49

Casablanca El Bosque Carmenere 2011